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Straight Russian Army Guys Love Getting Naked

When Straight guys join any army in the world there is a culture shock of instantly having all control taken away from them, but in moves to “break the soldiers spirits” before building them back up taking their clothes from them is also part of the process. This de-humanising practice is actually there to mentally stress new recruits but also get them to bond with fellow soldiers on a innermost personal level.

The result is fine soldiers who are not phased by the sights of naked men and actually its straight men who are exceptionally comfortable around each other. This is no more true than in the Russian army where guys with nothing better to do and who are comrades in arms spend a lot of their spare time with no clothes on.

Because of this we will be running a “Russian Army Naked Series” of posts bringing you the best of this nude hi-jinx, with this post being the first.

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